High Aluminum Castable Construction Instructions

2023-09-25 16:43:26

This article details the product packaging, storage, and transportation of high-aluminum castables, on-site construction instructions, maintenance system, baking system, and precautions.

Product packaging, storage, and transportation

High-aluminum castables are packaged in ton bags + filmed moisture-proof bags. Each bag has a net weight of 50±0.5 kg and contains one bag of admixtures. The warranty period is 60 days. During transportation and storage, attention should be paid to moisture-proof and dry storage. Rain or exposure to the sun is strictly prohibited.

On-site construction instructions

1. The construction site must be clean and tidy in advance, and construction equipment and construction surfaces must be clean and tidy.

2. The suitable construction temperature is 30℃, and construction cannot be carried out in a construction environment below 5℃.

3. Use clean drinking water with pH=6-8. The mixing water should be accurately weighed and the added amount should be 6.5-7.5% of the total amount [it can also be increased or decreased appropriately according to the temperature conditions].

4. It is recommended to use a forced mixer. The mixing must be uniform and the mixing tools must be clean.

5. Stirring sequence: Dry mix for 3 minutes – add the specified amount of water after uniformity and stir for 6 minutes – discharge [the fluidity is controlled within the appropriate vibration range].

6. The mixed mud must be used within 30 minutes, and castables that have lost fluidity cannot be reused.

7. The pouring thickness should be 30cm each time, and each vibration point should be vibrated for 3-5 minutes until it is completely dense.

8. The pouring surfaces of all grinding tools should be coated with a layer of engine oil in advance, and the embedded metal parts should be painted with a layer of 2mm thick asphalt paint.

High Aluminum Castable Construction Instructions

Maintenance system

After the construction is completed, the surface should be covered with thickened plastic film, isolated from air, and cured for 72 hours before demoulding. The suitable curing temperature is 35-40°C.

Baking regime

The baking system can be formulated separately according to the construction conditions of the blast furnace and the conditions of other materials.


1. The Ming Dynasty will carry out on-site injection construction of the kiln;

2. When making small prefabricated blocks, special attention should be paid to maintenance, trying to avoid humid environments, and keeping the pouring site dry and ventilated. If possible, it is best to demould and dry directly in the drying workshop.

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