Features of High Alumina Anchor Bricks

2023-06-26 14:36:07

High alumina anchor bricks are refractory bricks used in heating furnaces. High alumina anchor bricks are also called hanging bricks. They are mainly used to connect and support structures of refractory bricks and ordinary fired bricks, for heating furnace roof walls, or other components.

High-alumina anchor bricks use natural high-grade bauxite as the main refractory raw material, add soft or semi-soft clay as a binder to high-alumina clinker, start batching, mixing, molding, drying, and finally firing. Formed high alumina refractory bricks. Under normal circumstances, the alumina content of high-alumina anchor bricks is above 55%. High-alumina anchor bricks can be produced and processed according to customer needs. The load softening temperature of high-alumina anchor bricks can reach 1550°C, which can meet the requirements of heating furnace roof lining. performance requirements.

Features of high alumina anchor bricks for heating furnace:

1. The volume is stable at high temperatures.

2. Good corrosion resistance.

3. High softening temperature under load.

4. Anti-peeling, high compressive strength.

The high-alumina anchor brick is a special-shaped high-alumina refractory brick, including a column composed of a hanging end and an anchor body, and an interval separation groove is arranged on the surface of the anchor body along the length direction of at least one surface of the anchor body. Due to the reinforcement and traction action of the ribs, the tensile and flexural strength of the anchor is significantly increased. The stress generated at the groove is blocked by the ribs and cannot be transmitted further, so the high alumina anchor brick is not easy to break.

High alumina anchor bricks are refractory bricks used for heating furnace roof walls. The size can be customized and processed according to the needs of the heating furnace to meet the needs of the heating furnace lining, ensure the service life of the heating furnace lining, and improve the economic benefits of the heating furnace.

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