Classification of High Alumina Refractory Bricks

2023-08-31 12:08:11

High alumina refractory bricks are a type of shaped refractory material with an alumina content greater than 75%. They are widely used in the construction of various high-temperature kilns. There are many classifications of refractory bricks. High-alumina bricks are classified according to their use in high-temperature kilns. There are also differences in the ratio of raw materials for different parts of use. Today, the editor mainly takes you to understand the classification and introduction of refractory bricks and high alumina bricks.

Classification based on different ratios of raw materials

High alumina refractory bricks are classified according to different raw material ratios into first-grade high alumina bricks, second-grade high alumina bricks, third-grade high alumina bricks, special grade high alumina bricks, corundum bricks, low creep high alumina bricks, and dense high alumina bricks,  aluminum carbide high alumina bricks, andalusite high alumina bricks, etc., are the types of high alumina bricks we commonly use in high-temperature kiln construction. We can choose different brick types depending on the use.

Classification by appearance

From the appearance point of view, high alumina bricks are mainly divided into standard bricks, ordinary bricks, wedge-shaped bricks, special-shaped bricks, and special-shaped bricks. Depending on the location of use, we will choose different shapes. Sometimes if the location of the kiln is relatively special, we can also Customize special-shaped bricks, and high alumina bricks are used.

Classification of High Alumina Refractory Bricks

Sort by number

Usually, our common high-alumina brick letter numbers are T, Z, C, S, K, and J. They represent general-purpose bricks, right-angle bricks, side wedge bricks, vertical wedge bricks, wide wedge bricks, and arch foot bricks. It can be seen that Their pinyin initials are the beginning of their number respectively, followed by a short horizontal line dividing the sequence number, we take the general brick as an example, the brick numbers of the general brick are T-1, T-2, T -3, T-4, T-5……..T-105.

Classification according to size used

There are many sizes of high alumina refractory bricks. In order to unify the market, my country has formulated a series of standards for refractory bricks. Generally, our common standard bricks: are 230×115×65mm; four pieces: are 230×115×40mm; three points Slices: are 230×115×30mm; gable bricks: are 150×120mm, etc. These are the common sizes of refractory bricks used on different occasions. Of course, sometimes we also customize according to the size of our high-temperature kiln.

Refractory bricks and high-alumina bricks are widely used in the construction of high-temperature kilns, such as some smelting furnaces, hot blast furnaces, aluminum melting furnaces, etc. We must make plans in advance when using them, according to the high-temperature resistance of our kilns. Choose different refractory bricks.

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