Chrome Corundum Bricks Product Knowledge

2023-06-05 10:03:59

The chrome corundum brick product is made of α-Al2O3, adding the appropriate amount of chromium oxide powder and chrome corundum clinker fine powder, after molding, it is fired at high temperature. The chromium oxide content of sintered chromium corundum bricks is generally lower than that of fused cast chromium corundum bricks. It can also be prepared by the slurry pouring method. Mix α-Al2O3 powder and chromium oxide powder evenly, add debonding agent and an organic binder to make a thick slurry, add part of chromium corundum clinker at the same time, and make bricks by the grouting method. Fire again. It can be used as the inner lining of glass kilns, the cover brick of drawing glass flow holes, and the back lining of molten iron pretreatment equipment, waste incinerator, coal-water slurry pressurized gasifiers, etc.

Now, the use of chrome corundum bricks has been widely used. One kind of chrome corundum brick is made of metal chromium slag as the main raw material. This product is widely used in zinc-tempering electric furnaces and evaporation kilns. Chrome corundum bricks have The functions of thermal shock stability and high-temperature creep meet the requirements of circular economy together.

In the design of chrome corundum bricks, in theory, chrome corundum bricks can be produced with any proportion of mixture (Al2O3/Cr2O3), but when using corundum materials and Cr2O3 powder to directly produce chrome corundum bricks, Cr2O3 Participation is limited. If it is necessary to increase the Cr2O3 content of chrome corundum bricks, it is necessary to mix Cr2O3 powder with Al2O3 powder for pre-composition to make Al2O3-Cr2O3 sand (actually aluminum-chromium solid solution), and then add Al2O3-Cr2O3 group particles Match guessed.

However, with increased Cr2O3 content, the thermal shock resistance of chrome corundum refractory bricks decreases. For this reason, technical measures such as adding monoclinic ZrO2 can release the thermal stress in the chromium corundum brick with high Cr2O3 content by generating microcracks to improve the thermal shock resistance.

Chromium corundum bricks are usually bonded by ceramics and by high-purity matrix chrome-aluminum solid solution. The difference between the two is mainly the difference in thermal shock resistance and corrosion resistance. The former has poor thermal shock resistance and limited corrosion resistance; while the latter has good thermal shock resistance and corrosion resistance.

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