Product Characteristics of Special-shaped Refractory Bricks

2023-11-20 17:05:22

Among refractory brick products, the more common ones are standard bricks and ordinary bricks. When the shape of these bricks cannot meet the requirements of equipment use, special-shaped refractory bricks need to be used. Today I will introduce to you the characteristics and feelings of special-shaped refractory bricks. Interested friends can come and find out together.

Special-shaped refractory bricks are refractory bricks with chaotic shapes. To customize special-shaped refractory bricks, it is necessary to communicate with the refractory brick manufacturer to determine the material, size, shape, and kiln location of the required special-shaped bricks. Special-shaped bricks can only be produced and processed according to detailed information such as drawings.

Special-shaped refractory bricks can be customized according to user needs, such as clay special-shaped bricks, high-alumina special-shaped bricks, aluminum-carbon special-shaped bricks, magnesia-carbon special-shaped bricks, corundum special-shaped bricks, etc. The specific materials should be determined according to user needs.

According to the refractory material standards, the ratio of the adhesive to the outer dimensions of the high-alumina special-shaped refractory bricks (the ratio of the minimum size to the maximum size) is within 1:5; there are no more than 2 recessed corners (including circular recessed corners), or the acute angle is 75° or no more than 4 grooves.

The product features of special-shaped refractory bricks are as follows:

Special-shaped bricks are refractory bricks with complex shapes. It is also the general name for refractory bricks of various shapes. Therefore, there are many shapes of special-shaped bricks, such as knife-shaped bricks, ax bricks, burner bricks, checkered bricks, fan-shaped bricks, wind-guiding wall bricks, etc. Some special-shaped bricks cannot be named.

The types of knife-shaped bricks include T38 and T39, commonly known as large-edge bricks and small-edge bricks. The sizes are 230*114*65/55mm and 230*114*65/45mm respectively.

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