Basic Requirements for Refractory Bricks for Kilns

2023-11-17 10:01:36

The main purpose of refractory bricks as kiln lining is to improve production efficiency without delaying production due to damage to refractory bricks during the production process. Therefore, appropriate refractory bricks should be selected based on the characteristics of long furnace life and high efficiency. Refractory bricks produced by Xinhongji Refractory are an inorganic non-metallic material with a fire resistance of not less than 1580℃. The stability of refractory bricks against high temperatures under no load is called refractory degree, which reflects the basic performance of refractory bricks. Since refractory bricks are mainly used as structural materials for high-temperature kilns and other thermal equipment, as well as high-temperature containers and components used in industry, they can withstand various physical changes and mechanical effects. Therefore, the following basic requirements must be met

1. To meet the requirements of high-temperature operation, it should have the performance of not softening and melting at high enough temperatures.

2. It can withstand the load of the furnace and the stress during operation without losing structural strength, softening deformation, and collapse at high temperatures, which is usually expressed by the load softening temperature.

3. The volume is stable at high temperatures. The kiln masonry or pouring body will not collapse due to excessive expansion of the product, nor will it crack due to excessive shrinkage, thereby reducing the service life. Usually measured by linear expansion coefficient and reheat shrinkage (or expansion).

4. Refractory bricks are greatly affected by furnace conditions. The furnace body is easily damaged by positive temperature changes and uneven heating. Therefore, a certain degree of thermal shock resistance is required

5. During the use of refractory bricks, they are often subjected to the chemical action of liquid solutions, gases, or solid substances, causing the product to be corroded and damaged. Therefore, products are required to have certain corrosion resistance.

6. During use, refractory bricks are often eroded by high-speed flames and flue gases, washed away by liquid metal and slag, and impacted by metals and other materials. Therefore, sufficient strength and wear resistance are required.

The quality of refractory bricks depends on their performance and is the standard for measuring product quality. The correct and reasonable selection of refractory bricks also depends on the performance of the refractory bricks.

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