Castable Material Price

2023-10-27 15:12:22

The price of castables has always been a topic that customers are more concerned about, and the prices online are all kinds of strange, which makes customers very confused. However, there are many types of castables, and each castable has different raw material ratios, different performance indicators, and raw materials. Cost and other factors are the main factors affecting the price of castables, so the price of castables fluctuates greatly.

Castables can be divided into major categories such as corundum castables, non-stick aluminum castables, light acid-resistant castables, high-aluminum castables, silicon carbide castables, etc. There are dozens of major categories alone. There are many categories and models. Each castable has different uses, different proportions, and different performance indicators, so the price is difficult to determine. Generally speaking, the price range of castables ranges from 1,000 yuan to 15,000 yuan per ton. etc., so the specific price must be determined based on the specific needs and the fire resistance of the product before quoting.

Castable Material Price

In the process of understanding the price of castables, we must first understand the main factors that affect castables, including raw material costs, transportation costs, performance indicators, construction environment, etc. The quotation staff will mainly based on your use environment and fire resistance indicators. You select the appropriate refractory castable, and then we will quote you a price including freight and excluding freight based on your specific transportation distance. Therefore, the transportation cost of the castable is also an important factor affecting the price. The increase or decrease in transportation costs will have an impact on the price of castables.

Factors affecting the price of castables mainly include market supply and demand, raw material costs, transportation costs, etc. With the continuous development of domestic industry, the castable market has broad prospects, but the competition is becoming increasingly fierce. In the next few years, the price of castables will maintain steady growth, but the growth rate will gradually slow down. For castable price recipients, when purchasing castables, they should give priority to products with high-cost performance, rather than simply pursuing low prices.

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