Applications of Silicon Carbide Bricks

2023-10-26 16:42:16

Silicon carbide brick is a high-grade refractory material. It is mainly made of silicon carbide as raw material, added with a binder (or without a binder), and is made through batching, mixing, molding, and firing. The refractory temperature can reach 1920°C, due to its excellent high-temperature performance and chemical stability, it is widely used in various industrial kilns and high-temperature kilns, such as ceramic high-temperature kilns, glass kilns, metallurgical kilns, chemical kilns, etc.

In ceramic high-temperature kilns, silicon carbide bricks are mainly used for the construction of ceramic high-temperature kiln linings. The high-temperature properties and chemical stability of silicon carbide bricks can meet the high-temperature needs and corrosion resistance needs during the ceramic firing process. At the same time, the carbonization of the low volume density of silica bricks helps reduce the weight and volume of the kiln and reduces construction and operating costs.

In glass furnaces, silicon carbide bricks are often used in more important parts, such as the lower part of the furnace body, waist, and belly of large and medium-sized blast furnaces. They can withstand the high temperatures during the glass firing process and the corrosiveness of the glass melt. Improve the quality and yield of glass melt.

Applications of Silicon Carbide Bricks

In the metallurgical industry, silicon carbide bricks are commonly used in aluminum electrolytic cell linings, molten aluminum conduits, aluminum refining furnace linings, etc. They can withstand the high temperature and corrosiveness of molten metal in the metallurgical industry, and at the same time can withstand the activity of Metal friction and impact, while reducing heat loss and improving ironmaking efficiency.

In the chemical industry, since the substances in the chemical industry are corrosive, silicon carbide bricks have relatively good corrosion resistance and high-temperature resistance, so they are often used as lining materials for high-temperature reactors and pipelines, so they can be used in the chemical smelting process widely used.

It can be seen that silicon carbide bricks have good wear resistance and corrosion resistance, high-temperature strength, good thermal shock stability, high thermal conductivity, small thermal expansion coefficient, etc., so silicon carbide bricks are very useful., in addition, the types of silicon carbide bricks are rich, including oxide bonded silicon carbide bricks, carbon bonded silicon carbide bricks, nitride bonded silicon carbide bricks, self-bonded silicon carbide bricks, recrystallized silicon carbide bricks and semi-silicon carbide bricks They are all high-performance refractory materials.

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