Castable Construction Acceptance

2023-09-27 17:41:04

After the castable construction is completed, the construction site must be inspected and accepted. Only after the acceptance is passed can the next step be carried out. How to carry out the castable construction acceptance work? Next, the editor will tell you.

Inspection and acceptance after completion of castable construction

1. During the construction process of castables, a set of test blocks should be set up in every 20m² project to check its strength and other main properties.

2. All covered concealed projects should be inspected and accepted before entering the next process. The inspection items are as follows:

Insulation and anchoring bricks, formwork, etc. (check at any time)

Anchors and anchoring devices

Measures to prevent water loss

Buried facilities

After the concealed project inspection, the concealed project acceptance form should be filled in and used as one of the construction documents after approval by the construction unit.

Castable Construction Acceptance

3. After the completion of sub-projects, intermediate handover acceptance should be carried out. The inspection items are as follows:

Dimensions, lining thickness, and centerline of masonry

Material usage

Expansion joints, brick joints, levelness, verticality, and surface smoothness

Construction of process facilities and process holes

Appearance inspection

After all projects have been inspected, the project delivery acceptance form should be filled in and, after being approved by the construction unit, it will be used as one of the completion documents.

Different refractory castables have different construction methods. The grade and quality of refractory materials constructed by the pouring method are different, and the mixing methods and times are also different. During the construction and mixing process, the construction should be carried out strictly according to the instructions. Construction standards must be strictly followed to avoid trouble in the later construction and acceptance process.

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