Application of Silica Mullite Bricks in Industrial Kilns

2023-07-06 11:00:10

Silica mullite bricks are widely used in some high-temperature industrial equipment. Due to its composition and preparation process, silica mullite bricks generally have the following characteristics and uses:

High-temperature resistance: Silica mullite bricks can withstand high-temperature environments and maintain the stability and durability of the structure. It can provide good protection in high-temperature furnaces and furnace walls.

Corrosion resistance: Silica mullite bricks have good corrosion resistance in the face of a chemical attack. It is resistant to acidic and alkaline substances and is suitable for environments requiring protection against corrosive gases and liquids.

Anti-wear properties: Silica mullite bricks usually have good anti-wear properties, which can resist the erosion and wear of materials. This makes it widely used in industrial equipment that needs to be resistant to wear.

The load-softening temperature of silica-mole bricks is above 1550°C, especially the compact structure of the product, which is composed of high-hardness minerals, corundum, silicon carbide, and mullite. It has particularly good wear resistance and is an ideal brick for the transition zone. The compressive strength and load softening temperature are significantly higher than the spalling-resistant high-alumina bricks. Its thermal shock stability, corrosion resistance, wear resistance, and low thermal conductivity are exactly what the process characteristics of the post-transition zone require.

Silica mullite brick is a high alumina silicon carbide refractory material. If different special refractory raw materials are added to the silica mullite bricks, some properties of the silica mullite bricks can be further improved, and the modified silica mullite bricks can be divided into different subcategories. For example, using a part of andalusite instead of bauxite in bricks made of silica molybdenum can produce silica molybdenum bricks. In addition to good high-temperature resistance and corrosion resistance, silica red bricks also have better thermal shock resistance than silica mullite bricks. the

Specific applications also depend on process requirements and equipment design. When selecting refractory materials, it is recommended to consult refractory material suppliers or engineers to ensure that the selected materials meet the requirements.

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