Advantages of Silica Refractory Bricks and Refractory Mud

2023-08-29 16:08:24

Silica refractory bricks are called silica bricks, which are acidic refractory bricks. They are suitable for high-temperature kiln linings in acidic atmospheres or solutions. In order to improve the overall performance of masonry, they are often used with refractory mud. Silicon refractory mud should be used as joint materials. Expansion joints should be reserved and grouted during masonry to improve the overall quality of the masonry.

Features of silica refractory bricks

Silica brick is a refractory brick containing more than 93% silica, made of silica (>96%) as the main raw material, mineralized, and binder, through mixing, molding, drying, firing, and other processes.

Advantages of Silica Refractory Bricks and Refractory Mud

Its main features are as follows:

1. Silica brick is an acid-resistant refractory material. The acid slag-resistant agent has strong acid solubility and poor alkali corrosion resistance.

2. The load-softening temperature of silica bricks is relatively high, generally between 1640 and 1680 °C.

3. When the temperature is higher than 300℃ and close to the melting point, the silica brick is stable. At 1450°C, the volume expansion rate is 1.5%-2.2%, which is beneficial to ensure the strength and airtightness of the masonry structure.

4. The disadvantages of silica bricks are thermal shock resistance (water cooling 1-4 times), low fire resistance (1670-1730°C), and cannot be used in parts with high temperatures and frequent temperature changes.

Silica bricks can be divided into coke oven silica bricks, hot blast furnace silica bricks, electric furnace silica bricks, glass kiln silica bricks, and other castings. According to the complexity of the bricks, they can be divided into standard bricks, ordinary bricks, special-shaped bricks, and special bricks.

Characteristics of silicon refractory mud

Silicon refractory mud is composed of silicon material, soft clay, chemical binders, and additives. The main properties of silicon refractory mud are: SiO2≥90%, bending strength ≥1.5MPa when dry, 3~4MPa at 1400°C, bonding time 60-120s, silicon refractory mud is mainly used in coke ovens, glass furnaces, etc. thermal equipment. After stirring, it is thick and viscous, with slow water loss, convenient construction, full brick joints, strong adhesion, good corrosion resistance, and good wear resistance. At the same time, the amount of refractory slurry can be saved.

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