Xinhongji Supplies Refractory Cement

2023-07-01 10:39:51

Refractory cement is a cement that is not easily damaged at high temperatures and is widely used in construction and industry. For friends who want to buy refractory cement, Henan Xinhongji Refractory Material Co., Ltd. is a good choice.

Xinhongji Refractory is a professional supplier of building materials. Its business scope covers multiple product lines such as refractory materials, castables, refractory bricks, refractory balls, and heat storage bodies. In terms of high alumina refractory cement, Xinhongji has a rich product series, and the product quality is guaranteed, which can meet the needs of different customers.

Xinhongji Supplies Refractory Cement

Xinhongji refractory cement products are divided into two categories: ordinary and special. Ordinary refractory cement is suitable for high-temperature environments below 800°C and can be used in kiln sintering, hot blast stoves, refractory boards, etc. The special refractory cement can withstand higher temperatures, such as boilers, large hot stoves, chemical kilns, and other occasions. Different products are suitable for different occasions, and customers can choose according to their own needs.

In terms of quality, Xinhongji refractory cement meets national standards and has passed the ISO9001 international quality management system certification. The quality is stable and the quality is guaranteed, so you can use it with confidence.

In addition to refractory cement, Xinhongji also supplies various types of refractory materials such as refractory bricks, refractory balls, heat storage bodies, etc., and can provide customers with a comprehensive one-stop procurement solution for refractory materials.

If you need to purchase refractory cement or other refractory materials, you can come to consult the staff of Henan Xinhongji Refractory Material Co., Ltd. to purchase, or you can conduct online consultation on the official website of Xinhongji. Xinhongji supplies refractory cement and other refractory materials at reasonable prices and considerate service. It is a building material supplier not to be missed.

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