Xinhongji Refractory’s People and Culture

2023-05-09 10:43:19

Our People and Culture Strategy was launched in 2020 and aims to contribute to building an outstanding business by ensuring we have critical people skills and capabilities. We aim to grow outstanding staff: we ensure our human resource managers do what they devote to lead their diverse, engaged, and high-performing teams for business and personal growth.

These targets are then strongly underpinned by a values-driven, winning culture, that embraces diversity of thinking and continuous innovation to achieve high levels of performance and growth.

We create this culture by building a broad organizational understanding of our strategy, targets, and accountability, supported by our core values and positive management behaviors. We also foster a working environment that is inclusive and diverse, where people can be themselves without fear of harassment, bullying, or discrimination.

Xinhongji Refractory‘s People and Culture

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