What is Honeycomb Ceramic Regenerator?

2023-06-20 16:04:19

Honeycomb ceramic regenerator is a porous refractory material often used in industrial. It has many connecting honeycomb parallel channels inside. These honeycomb units are divided by lattice-like thin tap walls, which greatly improves the equipment of the equipment. Heat exchange efficiency is currently widely used in the energy saving of industrial thermal workers. It can effectively improve the efficiency of thermal workers and reduce energy consumption. At the same time, it can improve the overall production volume of thermal workers and improve the quality of the product. It is currently solving energy and quality. The main means of the environment.

Features of honeycomb ceramic regenerator

1. Can effectively improve fuel utilization and reduce the energy consumption and exhaust heat loss of the unit.

2. It can improve the heat utilization rate and theoretical burning temperature of the fuel, improve the combustion conditions, and meet the high-temperature requirements of thermal equipment.

3. Improve the conditions for heat exchange in the furnace, and increase the production of equipment and the weight of the product.

4. Increasing fuel utilization, can reduce the discharge of exhaust gas for heat work equipment, reduce the emissions of harmful gases, and improve the environment.

Application of honeycomb ceramic regenerator

At present, the main use of honeycomb ceramic regenerator is in steel plants, waste incineration furnaces, waste gas treatment thermal equipment, chemical plants, smelting plants, power plants, power industry boilers, gas turbines, engineering heating equipment, ethylene cracking furnaces, etc., and are widely used. Various heating furnaces, hot air furnaces, heat treatment furnaces, cracking furnaces, baking stoves, melting furnaces, average heat furnaces, glass kilns, waste incineration furnaces in steel, machinery, chemical materials, petrochemicals, fire protection, non-ferrous metal smelting In the kiln (burner) such as oil and gas boilers.

Materials and sizes of honeycomb ceramic regenerator

1. Material of honeycomb ceramic regenerator

At present, the common ceramic honeycomb regenerators are made of cordierite, mullite, aluminum, corundum mullite, dense Cordierite, dense mullite, etc;

2. The size of the honeycomb ceramic regenerator

At present, the size of a conventional honeycomb ceramic regenerator is: 100×100×100, 100×150×150, 150×150×150, 150×150×300 (mm), etc.; The number of holes: 25×25, 40×40, 43×43, 50×50, 60×60, etc.; Holes: square, rectangular, positive hexagonal, round, triangle, etc.

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