The Use of Chrome Corundum Bricks

2023-06-06 11:09:34

1. When used in the iron and steel industry, the service life of chrome corundum bricks is more than double that of corundum materials, such as breathable ladle bricks, etc.; used in the non-ferrous smelting industry, the wear resistance and corrosion resistance of chrome corundum bricks are significantly better than other bricks.

2. Used in the carbon black industry, the service life of chrome corundum bricks used by Guangdong Maoming Carbon Black Factory is twice as long as that of corundum bricks used under the same conditions. Chrome corundum bricks are used in carbon black reactors in carbon black factories, and their service life has exceeded that of corundum bricks.

3. It is used in the petrochemical industry. Because of the long-term high temperature (1350~1450℃), high pressure (3.1~8.53MPa), strong recovery atmosphere (CO+H2+CH4), and air velocity in the gasifier of large and medium-sized fertilizer plants Large (about 10m·s-1), the corrosion and damage to the lining refractory material are severe, so the requirements for the lining refractory material are higher.

4. High-performance chrome corundum bricks have high density and high strength and are more resistant to air erosion and wear resistance than corundum bricks. The introduction of Cr2O3 into corundum bricks changes the internal quality of the product and significantly improves the slag corrosion resistance and permeability resistance of the bricks. The use of chrome corundum bricks on the gasifier can further prolong the service life of the gasifier.

Chrome corundum refractory bricks are also known as high-wear-resistant chrome corundum tapping channel bricks, which are high-end products that Xinhongji Refractory has promoted to the market for several years. It is made of pure alumina Al2O3 and chromium oxide Cr2O3 as the main raw materials. Compared with pure corundum bricks, it has more functions, such as refractoriness, load softening deformation temperature, flexural strength, high-temperature creep, high-temperature volume stability, and corrosion resistance. It is mainly used for sliding rails of rolling heating furnaces, tapping channels, grooves, and other parts that are easy to wear in industrial furnaces. Chrome corundum brick is a kind of refractory material, and its service life reaches 10 to 18 months after being used by many rolling mills.

The practice has shown that high wear-resistant chromium corundum tapping channel bricks are used on tapping channels of rolling heating furnaces that heat large-section billets, have high friction per unit area and high output value, not only can significantly extend the service life of the steel channel, and reduce downtime Time, increase the output value, reduce the consumption of refractory materials and maintenance costs, and reduce the number of rapid cooling and rapid heating due to the shutdown of the furnace for maintenance, so that the overall life of the furnace can be improved, and significant economic benefits can be obtained.

The knowledge about chrome corundum brick products is introduced here. I hope it will be helpful to everyone. Xinhongji Refractory has been a manufacturer of refractory materials for many years. It has rich production experience and a practical foundation. It has always stood at the forefront of industry development and focused on technological innovation. , and continuously increase the development of new products to ensure that refractory materials can be applied to more kiln projects and bring good news to more projects.

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