High Alumina Bricks Are of Great Strategic Significance to the Development of the Steel Industry

2023-10-18 11:54:02

High alumina bricks are of important strategic significance to the development of the steel industry. High-temperature industrial production is inseparable from high-temperature-resistant materials, and high-alumina bricks are also indispensable materials for the iron-making industry. Large-scale wear-resistant materials are often overlooked because they are known as auxiliary materials in the metallurgical industry. This is closely related to the development of the steel industry. Under certain conditions, the quality and type of human resistance materials can even play a key role in the advancement of new steel-making technologies. Therefore, to realize the modernization of the gold industry, we must pay attention to and vigorously develop high-alumina brick technology.

High alumina bricks are the basic material of dry high-temperature technology and are closely related to the development of the steel industry. The development history of steel freezing and refining technology for more than a century proves that every major process change relies on the development of new varieties of high alumina bricks. Without high-quality and new varieties of high-alumina bricks, many new smelting technologies cannot be realized. The development of dolomite-high alumina bricks guarantees the success of alkaline air converters. The emergence of high-softening point silica bricks is an important factor in the success of open hearth furnaces: the invention of rapid cooling heat-resistant magnesia Qiang bricks promoted the development of alkaline open hearth furnaces. The successful development of bricks enabled ultra-high-power electric furnaces to play a role. To sum up, ignition materials and steel smelting technology are interdependent and mutually reinforcing.

At present, my country’s steel industry is in a period of transition to production technology modernization. With the development of new technologies such as blast furnaces, coke ovens, converters, and electric furnaces, the development of technologies such as enhanced refining, raw water pretreatment, converter top and bottom blowing, ultra-high power electric furnaces, secondary refining, and continuous stone steel have been widely used. Large-scale Glass melting pools and high alumina bricks have become the key to extending the service life of smelting equipment, improving product quality, expanding product varieties, and improving economic benefits, and will surely push the high alumina brick industry to a new level. Some high alumina bricks will develop from traditional “kiln building materials” to “functional high alumina bricks”. Some high alumina bricks have become an integral part of smelting process equipment. Such as bricks and continuous casting without imported nozzles, long nozzles or fixed-diameter nozzles, ceramic spray guns and spray metallurgy, bottom air supply bricks and top and bottom composite blow molding converters, etc.

The above-mentioned high alumina bricks not only require high performance and strict dimensional tolerances but also break through the traditional production model and adopt new high-performance means, from raw materials to equipment, from production processes to testing methods, to produce high alumina bricks. Therefore, Henan refractory brick manufacturers are facing severe challenges.

Under certain conditions, the quality and variety of high alumina bricks play a key role in the development of steel technology. The high alumina brick industry should develop simultaneously with the steel industry. In an era of rising steel production, developed countries such as Europe, the United States, and Japan are eager to seek help from the smooth development and quality improvement of high-alumina brick varieties. Modern steel production has stagnated and is committed to improving quality, expanding varieties, and reducing energy consumption, which has put forward higher requirements for high-alumina bricks. Our country’s steel industry is in a period of sustained growth in output. At the same time, we must pay attention to variety, quality, and efficiency, and be committed to the development of high alumina bricks.

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