What is the Specific Gravity of the First Grade High Alumina Brick

2023-08-10 17:44:35

The first-grade high-alumina brick is a kind of high-alumina refractory brick with an alumina content of not less than 75%. It is mainly used for masonry blast furnaces, hot blast stoves, electric furnace roofs, blast furnaces, reverberatory furnaces, and rotary kiln linings. The specific gravity of high alumina brick is about 2.5, the weight is about 4.3-4.4KG, the compressive strength is 70Mpa, and the refractory temperature can reach 1790 degrees Celsius.

The specific gravity of the first-grade high-alumina brick is mainly affected by the density and porosity of the material. The high-alumina brick has a high density, which can ensure its compressive strength and fire resistance. The porosity refers to the proportion of the pores in the material to the total volume. Percentage, first-grade high-alumina bricks have strict requirements on porosity because excessive porosity will affect the strength and fire resistance of bricks, therefore, a series of technological measures need to be taken when producing first-grade high-alumina bricks to ensure that the bricks The density and porosity of the block meet the standard requirements, so the difference in the production process and production environment of each manufacturer will also lead to the difference in the specific gravity of the high alumina brick, generally between 2.5 and 3.1.

The Specific Gravity of The First Grade High Alumina Brick

There are many kinds of high-alumina bricks. In addition to the first-grade high-alumina bricks, there are also two-grade high-alumina bricks, three-grade high-alumina bricks, and special-grade high-alumina bricks. There are certain differences in the specific gravity between them. In addition to the specific gravity, There are differences in alumina content, compressive strength, refractory temperature, and weight among them. We can choose different high-alumina bricks according to different parts of use.

In general, the specific gravity of high alumina bricks is between 2.0 and 3.1, which is due to the controlled density and porosity of the material and is closely related to its chemical composition. Knowing the specific gravity of high alumina bricks helps us to better apply And choose this material, and choose different refractory bricks in the process of building different parts of the high-temperature kiln, which can make our kiln have a longer life and the products we burn are better.

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