The Price of Refractory Castables

2023-05-27 09:34:00

The prices of different refractory castables are different, ranging from hundreds to tens of thousands per ton.

Wear-resistant castables are the most widely used branch of refractory castables. As long as the working environment of castables has high-temperature solid particles, dust, feeding materials or outlets, etc., the requirements for wear resistance will be stricter. It is necessary to select a suitable wear-resistant castable according to the operating temperature of the high-temperature kiln, temperature changes, chemical erosion, and other factors.

How much is a ton of wear-resistant castable? This is a difficult question to quote accurately. Because there are many varieties of wear-resistant castables, as long as they have a certain medium and high-temperature strength and wear resistance, they can be called wear-resistant castables. Such as wear-resistant castables for boilers, steel fiber wear-resistant castables, corundum wear-resistant castables, corundum mullite castables, corundum silicon carbide castables, and other varieties, so here can only provide you with an approximate price, of 1800-4500 yuan/ton, this price is only a range price, including several products stated above.

The density of lightweight thermal insulation castables is between 0.8—-1.6, and the price ranges from 1,500 to 8,000 yuan. The density of refractory castables is between 2.0–3.1, and the price ranges from 1,100 to 9,000 yuan. Wait, this depends on the use environment and technical requirements.

Some customers don’t know how to choose castables, thinking that the expensive ones are the best, so they often buy expensive and good quality castables, but in fact, the cost-effective castables are not high. So is it true that the more expensive the castable, the better?

In fact, it is not. Some customers simply need to repair the furnace, and they just need ordinary high-alumina castables. Recommended crater castables for him. Do you think it is easy to use? Yuyong is definitely easy to use, but obviously, more than 1,000 tons of high-alumina castables can be used for small projects. I recommend five to six thousand tons of crater castables to customers. It is definitely easy to use, but it is not too wasteful. Money and resources? Some customers may also be puzzled, about how can they buy pouring material worth 2,000 yuan in store A for 3,000 yuan in store B, and the merchant also swears that there is no more quotation. In fact, the castables prepared by each factory are not all the same, and the materials used are different, so the cost is also different. You need to find a business with a good reputation for cooperation, and you can’t just look at the price. After all, the castables are used If there is a problem, a merchant with good after-sales service is needed to follow up the follow-up.

It is very important to choose the right castable. If the construction part is often subject to friction in daily use, then you can use corundum wear-resistant castable. If the temperature of the furnace mouth is particularly high, you can use the burner castable. Acid resistant castables and alkali proof castables are also needed for acid and alkali corrosion. There are too many types of castables. When customers don’t know how to choose, they can inform the merchants of their requirements and let the merchants help them choose one. A castable that meets your requirements and is cost-effective.

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