How Much is the Price of High Alumina Lightweight Brick?

2023-08-14 14:31:16

The aluminum content of high-alumina lightweight bricks is 50-52-56, and the density is 0.6/0.8/1.0g/cm3. According to the size and specifications, there are standard bricks and special-shaped bricks. The price is different. It is about a few yuan a piece. Please contact us for the specific price.

The physical and chemical properties of lightweight high alumina bricks mainly depend on the basic components and are also closely related to the process. For general lightweight high alumina bricks, the main components are only listed. The content of Al2O3 and Fe2O3, in fact, CaO, MgO, TiO, K2O, Na2O, etc. are all molten components, which determine the content of the glass phase. The nature and quantity of the mullite crystal phase are ignored because most of its use temperatures are below 1400 °C.

This product is a high-temperature insulation material. It is made from high alumina bauxite and clinker that combines raw meat with clay. At present, the foam method and burnout method are mostly used to obtain insulating brick aluminum bricks with high porosity, low bulk density, and low thermal conductivity. Its characteristic is that the lower the density, the better the thermal insulation performance. According to different products, lightweight high-alumina bricks can be used for masonry insulation layers and parts without strong high-temperature furnace melting materials and scours.

Lightweight high-alumina bricks such as large wall insulation and vault insulation on the upper part of the hot blast stove. Generally, high-alumina bauxite clinker is used to add a small amount of clay, and after grinding, it is formed by pouring mud through the gas generation method or foam method and burned at 1300-1500 °C. Sometimes industrial alumina can be used in place of some bauxite clinker. It is used for masonry kiln lining and heat insulation layer, as well as parts without strong erosion and erosion of high-temperature molten materials. When in direct contact with the flame, the surface contact temperature should not be higher than 1350°C.

The lightweight high alumina brick ore phase constitutes ordinary lightweight high alumina brick, using third-class bauxite clinker and second-grade clay, and Al2O3 powder is made of the main raw materials. In the Al2O3-SiO22 phase diagram, the main crystal phases are mullite and cristobalite. With the content of mullite, the content of Al2O3 increases. But because Ⅲ waits for the bauxite clinker to have low Al2O3 content, low impurity content, and more glass phases (20% to 135%). Therefore, in the product, in addition to the mullite crystal phase, the glass phase content is also higher, but there is no cristobalite phase, and corundum may exist in trace crystal phases.

In actual production, some enterprises do not add Al2O three powder to the ingredients, and use three-grade bauxite clinker and three-grade clay as the main raw materials, plus sawdust, coke, and various densities from 0.4 to 1-1 to make foaming agents. In lightweight high-alumina bricks, the secondary mullite process of the matrix phase in this brick is slow and the amount is small, which affects the mechanical strength and service temperature range of the product, and its high temperature and thermal stability are also low. In recent years, lightweight high-alumina bricks with synthetic mullite as the main raw material have been widely used. It uses synthetic mullite fine powder (sintered or fused fine powder raw material) as part of the raw material and uses second-grade soft clay and industrial alumina finely ground powder as the matrix phase. This part of the raw material synthesizes mullite during the firing process. Therefore, the main crystal phase of such products is mullite. There are also considerable amounts of corundum and glass phases.

The aluminum oxide content of lightweight high alumina bricks exceeds 48%, and the lightweight refractory materials are mainly composed of mullite and glass phase or corundum. The bulk density is 0.4~1.35g/cm3. The porosity is 66%~73%, the compressive strength is 1~8MPa, and it has good thermal shock resistance.

How much is the price of high alumina lightweight brick? According to the index and size of the product, the price is different, about a few yuan, please contact us for the specific price.

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