The Only Way for the Development of My Country’s Refractory Industry

2023-05-25 10:44:49

As early as a few years ago, with the continuous improvement of the technical level of the building materials industry and the continuous emergence of new refractory materials, the refractory industry has always maintained a trend of rapid growth. It is understood that refractory materials are indispensable basic materials in high-temperature industries. They are mainly used in high-temperature industries such as building materials, metallurgy, electric power, and petrochemicals. With the rapid growth of related industries such as steel and building materials, the domestic refractory industry has also achieved good results in rapid development. At the same time, manufacturers producing these high-performance refractory materials are also emerging, providing convenience for the use of various industries, such as high-alumina castable manufacturers, refractory brick manufacturers, etc. are constantly increasing, presenting a vibrant and promising future. Great scene, this is the most glorious time for refractory enterprises!

But the good times don’t last long. Over the past few years, due to factors such as overcapacity in the refractory industry, low industrial concentration, poor independent innovation capabilities, low proportion of new refractory materials, and a single industrial structure, the development of refractory companies has been hindered, and supply exceeds demand. , the original market share is constantly shrinking, the status of refractory materials in the country is declining day by day, and the benefits are plummeting. For this reason, my country’s refractory enterprises should adjust the industrial structure, continuously extend the industrial chain, and vigorously develop non-refractory products. Refractory material production enterprises should combine the actual situation of the enterprise and the region, while doing a good job in the main business of refractory materials, extend and develop upstream and downstream industries or other industries, optimize the industrial structure, seek new profit growth points, and improve the enterprise Its own adaptability enables enterprises to achieve healthy and scientific development. Only by independent innovation and improving the competitive advantages of products can we gain a firm foothold in the refractory industry and gain an invincible position.

The development of the refractory industry is related to the development of my country’s economy. Under the new normal, refractory enterprises can only develop healthily and sustainably if they transform and upgrade, innovate continuously, and learn from past experiences and lessons.

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