The Function of Boiler Furnace Wall and the Reason for Shedding

2023-08-08 17:42:29

The main functions of the boiler furnace wall are:

1. The heat insulation function prevents the loss of heat in the boiler, reduces the heat dissipation loss of the boiler as much as possible, and ensures the economy of the boiler operation.

2. Sealing function. When the boiler operates under negative pressure, it prevents the outside cold air from leaking into the furnace and flue to ensure the economy of operation; when the boiler operates under positive pressure, it prevents flames and smoke from ejecting, ensuring the work and Sanitation.

3. Form the flue gas flow channel, so that the flue gas in the boiler flows through each heating surface in sequence according to a certain channel.

Boiler walls shall meet the following requirements:

1. Good heat insulation

2. Good sealing

3. Sufficient heat resistance

4. Certain mechanical strength

What are the reasons for the boiler wall falling off? The reason why the boiler wall falls off is more complicated. Here are a few possible reasons:

Temperature and pressure changes during boiler operation: The boiler will be continuously impacted by high temperature and high pressure during normal operation. If the refractory material of the furnace wall is of poor quality or the installation is not firm, it will easily cause the furnace wall to fall off.

Incomplete combustion of the boiler: Incomplete combustion or strong impact may cause the temperature and pressure of the furnace wall to increase suddenly, causing the furnace wall to fail to withstand the pressure and crack or fall off.

Frequent start and stop of the boiler: Frequent start and stop of the boiler will cause the temperature inside and outside the boiler to change rapidly, and the furnace wall bears a large stress of thermal expansion and contraction. If the quality of the furnace wall material is not good or damaged, it is easy to cause The wall to fall off.

Improper operation: When the boiler is running, improper operation, such as untimely maintenance of the furnace wall, unclean cleaning, etc., may lead to aging and damage of the furnace wall material.

Unreasonable design and installation of the furnace wall: Unreasonable design and installation of the furnace wall may lead to insufficient quality and stability of the furnace wall, and may also easily cause the furnace wall to fall off.

If the material formulation process, quality, or construction quality is unqualified, too much water will cause it to fall off.

To sum up, the reason for the shedding of the boiler wall is more complicated, which may be caused by the combined effect of many factors. In order to prevent the boiler wall from falling off, it is necessary to strengthen the maintenance of the boiler, improve the performance of the boiler operation, strengthen the monitoring and inspection of the boiler, and find and solve problems in time.

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