The Difference between Fireproof Bricks and Refractory Bricks

2023-11-21 17:26:04

Although fireproof bricks and refractory bricks are both bricks, and their names are relatively similar, the difference between the two is quite big, and the occasions they are used are also different. What are the differences between fireproof bricks and refractory bricks? Today the editor will take you to understand the differences between the two.

1. Different usage scenarios

The main usage scenario of fireproof bricks is in buildings. In buildings, they are generally used in fireproof zones. Fireproofing is carried out by building firewalls. It can prevent the spread of flames, buy valuable time for escape personnel and firefighters, and at the same time, it can block the Spread of flames, slowing down the spread of fire;

The main use scenario of refractory bricks is in high-temperature industrial kilns. It needs to be in direct contact with the flame and needs to be in a high-temperature environment for a long time. Therefore, it has very good fire resistance and stability, which can ensure that high-temperature industrial kilns can work normally.

The Difference between Fireproof Bricks and Refractory Bricks

2. Different production processes

The raw materials for the production of fireproof bricks are mainly non-combustible raw materials, such as mineral fibers, silicates, etc., which are then made through processes such as pressing and sintering.

The raw materials for the production of refractory bricks are mainly refractory clay, silicates, binders, etc., which are mixed in proportion and then fired under pressure and high temperature.

3. Different characteristics

The main features of fireproof bricks are medium-light weight, high-temperature resistance, and non-flammable. They can block the spread of fire within a certain period.

The main characteristics of refractory bricks are high fire resistance, creep resistance, high mechanical strength, acid and alkali resistance, and many other advantages. It can ensure the good performance of the furnace body and overall stability in high-temperature environments.

The above are the main differences between fireproof bricks and refractory bricks. These two bricks are often misunderstood by people, and they are often confused when distinguishing between them. However, in terms of the production process, material composition, performance characteristics, and application scenarios, the two bricks are different. There is a big difference, so when we distinguish, we must distinguish based on its physical and chemical indicators.

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