The Composition, Application, and Construction Precautions of Ladle Castables

2024-01-08 17:36:23

Ladles are containers used to receive molten steel in front of open-hearth furnaces, electric furnaces, or converters in steelmaking plants and foundries, and then transfer the molten steel for pouring operations. Generally, the quality of ladles affects the efficiency of smelting and transfer, which in turn affects the efficiency of ladles. The main factor of quality is the castables used in building ladles. The quality of ladle castables affects the quality of ladles and also affects the service life of ladles. Therefore, you must choose good ladle castables when choosing.

Composition and characteristics of ladle castables

Ladle castables generally use corundum, alumina-magnesia spinel, fused magnesia, and other raw materials as aggregates, plus some additives, and are made through micro-powder bonding technology. It has good slag resistance and peeling resistance. properties, thermal shock resistance, good strength, and volume stability, etc. It also has high refractory resistance, strong corrosion resistance, high adhesion rate, low resilience, easy spray repair, etc., and can resist the erosion of molten iron and slag. At the same time, it can be baked quickly without bursting, making it easy to repair and dismantle.

Application of ladle castables

Ladle castables are generally suitable for casting the walls of large and medium-sized ladles. They are also used in various metallurgical industrial stoves and are widely used in metallurgy, petroleum, chemical industry, building materials, electric power, and other smelting industries.

Precautions for construction of ladle castables

1. Before construction, three connections (water connections, electricity connections, and road connections) must be ensured, the site must be level, and construction conditions must be met;

2. The construction site and equipment must be cleaned before construction to ensure that the equipment is clean to prevent contamination of the ladle castables and reduce the performance of the materials;

3. Ladle castables must be stored in a dry environment and are strictly prohibited from getting wet or rainy;

3. During construction, the dry materials must be stirred first, usually for 2-3 minutes, to ensure full integration and uniform distribution between the aggregates and additives, and then start adding water for stirring. Note that the water must be pure, and at the same time Strictly control the water consumption, generally adding about 5.2~5.5% water, the water addition process should be uniform and appropriate, and the viscosity of the raw materials after adding water must meet the requirements;

4. When pouring, use a plug-in vibrator to vibrate until the grout is turned, and pour it in place at one time;

5. The castables must be used once, and secondary mixing is prohibited;

6. After construction is completed, demould after the material is completely solidified, maintain the ambient temperature for natural oxidation, and then heat up and dry.

The above is the composition, application, and construction precautions of ladle castables. In addition to the quality of raw materials, construction is critical to the quality of ladles. Failure to pay attention to the construction will also cause the castables to fall off or crack, affecting the use life.

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