Steel Plant Refractory Construction Requirements

2024-02-23 17:30:23

The steel plant refractory construction requirements are as follows:

1. a site survey should be conducted to understand the site environment, temperature, humidity, air quality, etc., and a reasonable construction plan should be formulated according to the actual situation.

2. Clean the construction site, remove obstacles and debris, and ensure construction safety.

3. Prepare the required materials and tools, and make reasonable arrangements according to the construction plan.

4. During the construction process, the construction should be carried out in the order of inside first and outside later, and the key parts should be constructed first, and then other parts.

Steel Plant Refractory Construction Requirements

5. During construction, attention should be paid to protecting the surrounding environment and equipment to avoid pollution and damage.

6. Strengthening and protective measures should be adopted for key and easily damaged parts to ensure their reliability and stability.

7. Pay attention to personnel safety during construction to avoid accidents.

8. After the construction is completed, the site should be cleaned and inspected to ensure that the construction quality meets the requirements.

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