Refractory Castables For Lime Kiln

2023-06-02 10:57:24

Lime rotary kiln preheater and front and rear kiln mouth usually use refractory castables, but the quality of the preheater and kiln mouth is not the same.

Although the service temperature of the lime shaft kiln feed port and preheater lining is not high, they are quickly damaged by mechanical and airflow erosion and wear of materials. Steel fiber wear-resistant castables and steel fiber castables for preheaters are selected. Steel fiber castables are mainly due to their high wear resistance. It can resist the erosion of special parts of the kiln mouth.

The refractories used in lime kilns have a short service life and a large number of repairs. Choosing the right refractory material to improve the masonry process and strive for the life of the kiln lining is a common concern of the user and the castable manufacturer. According to the differences in various parts of the lime kiln, different refractory castables are used. Steel fiber reinforced castables for the kiln head cover, mullite high-strength wear-resistant castables for easy wear and tear on the low wall of the grate cooler, and some manufacturers use wear-resistant bricks. Steel fiber high-strength wear-resistant refractory castables are used for coal injection pipe material or corundum mullite castables.

The lime rotary kiln belongs to the dynamic kiln, and the refractory material requirements for the inner lining are high-temperature resistance, chemical stability under long-term high-temperature effects, small shrinkage after burning, high mechanical strength, compact structure, low porosity, and more durable Abrasion resistance and very strong corrosion resistance. Especially for the low wall of the machine, the use of wear-resistant bricks has a longer service life than castables. Due to the small amount of wear-resistant bricks used, many manufacturers still use steel fiber wear-resistant castables.

However, when building refractory materials, the construction requirements must be strictly followed in order to fully achieve the use effect of various refractory castables. If it is a shaft kiln, anti-skinning refractory castables should be used for the shrinkage of the split furnace, and cooling The arc of the lower part of the belt is poured with heat-resistant concrete to prevent the wind from running through the brick joints. Such masonry will increase the stability and wear resistance of the shaft kiln.

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