What Kind of Refractory Bricks are Used to Melt Iron at 1700 Degrees?

2024-01-11 17:29:10

To withstand molten iron at a temperature of 1,700 degrees, you need to choose a material with a higher temperature rating among refractory bricks. Common refractory bricks are mainly made of magnesia-chromium, magnesia-aluminum, and silicon carbide.

Iron smelting usually uses an iron bath-type smelting reduction furnace, in which iron ore is converted into metallic iron through a reduction reaction. In this high temperature, reducing environment, choosing the right refractory bricks is very critical. The reduction furnace mainly uses alkaline refractory materials such as directly bonded magnesia chrome bricks, magnesite bricks carbon-containing refractory materials Al2O3-C bricks, MgO-C bricks, etc.

Magnesia-alumina refractory bricks: This type of refractory brick is known for its stability at high temperatures and resistance to alkali. Due to the possible presence of a reducing atmosphere and alkaline substances in iron bath smelting reduction furnaces, magnesia-alumina refractory bricks generally provide better performance.

Silicon carbide refractory bricks: Silicon carbide refractory bricks have good refractory resistance and good resistance to high-temperature environments. They provide superior resistance to erosion and thermal shock.

Magnesia-Chrome Refractory Bricks: Magnesia-chromium refractory Bricks have high refractoriness and corrosion resistance and are suitable for high-temperature environments in reducing atmospheres.

Chromium-aluminum refractory bricks: Chromium-aluminum refractory bricks combine the advantages of chromium and aluminum and also have better performance in some reducing environments.

When selecting refractory bricks, factors such as the furnace atmosphere, temperature, material properties, and operating conditions need to be considered. It is recommended to consult with a refractory supplier or engineer to ensure that the selected material meets specific process requirements and can provide stable performance in high temperature-reducing environments. Additionally, regular inspections and maintenance are key to ensuring your furnace is operating properly.

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