What Kind of Refractory Bricks are Used for Chimney Maintenance?

2024-01-10 17:21:34

For chimney maintenance, if the working temperature is between 700-800 degrees, you can choose medium-temperature refractory bricks or medium-temperature refractory castables. These materials are stable in medium-temperature environments and have good heat resistance.

The main function of the chimney is to remove the waste smoke from the kiln, and it also plays a role in organizing the flame combustion in the furnace. When the temperature of the waste gas entering the chimney is high, the inner wall is usually built with a working layer of clay refractory bricks. If the flue gas is acidic, acid refractory bricks are built, and lightweight refractory castables are also used.

Refractory Bricks are Used for Chimney Maintenance

Here are some suggestions for using refractory materials for chimney maintenance:

Refractory bricks: Refractory bricks are usually made of materials with moderate aluminum content and have certain high-temperature resistance and corrosion resistance. This type of refractory brick provides good performance under medium temperature conditions and is a common choice for chimney maintenance, such as clay refractory bricks, high-temperature acid-resistant bricks, etc.

Medium-temperature refractory castable: Medium-temperature refractory castable is a refractory material that can be poured or sprayed, usually composed of aluminum- or silicon-containing granular materials. It is suitable for surface repair and protection in medium-temperature environments and can form a strong coating to improve the wear and corrosion resistance of chimneys.

When selecting refractory materials, in addition to considering the operating temperature, you also need to consider factors such as chemical composition, gas corrosion, and mechanical stress that may exist in the chimney. Also, make sure the materials chosen comply with relevant standards and regulations to ensure the operational and long-lasting performance of your chimney.

The selection of lining should be based on the specific chimney design, operating conditions, and maintenance requirements. It is recommended to consult with a refractory supplier or engineer to ensure that the material selected meets the needs of the specific application.

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