Product Introduction of Ladle Castables

2023-11-30 14:51:28

Ladle castable is made of high-quality high-alumina bauxite clinker and silicon carbide as the main materials, and is composed of pure aluminate cement binder, dispersant, anti-shrinkage agent, coagulant, explosion-proof fiber, and other admixtures. Shaped refractory castables are also called aluminum silicon carbide castables due to their good effect on the working layer of the molten iron ladle.

The working environment of Ladle

The temperature of molten iron is 1300-1450℃. The reason why the lining material of the ladle requires frequent inspection or maintenance is due to the working environment that is better than that of high-temperature resistant materials:

1. When containing molten iron, the lining is impacted by high-temperature molten iron, causing erosion and wear and strong thermal shock stress;

2. During the period of holding molten iron, it is subject to chemical erosion by molten iron and slag and oxidation in the air;

3. When pouring molten iron, it will be washed away by the molten iron and oxidized at high temperature;

4. After the molten iron in the molten iron ladle is emptied, the temperature drops sharply, causing the ladle lining to cool rapidly and be exposed to the air and oxidize;

In such a process, the lining of the ladle is repeatedly eroded by rapid cooling, rapid heat, and slag iron, as well as oxidation by air and erosion by molten iron. Therefore, it is very important to choose materials that are resistant to thermal shock, erosion, and oxidation.

Product characteristics of ladle castables

1. Strong resistance to erosion by molten iron and molten slag;

2. Good thermal shock resistance and small change in volume after reheating;

3. Strong antioxidant capacity;

4. Easy to construct, can be baked quickly without bursting, and easy to repair and dismantle;

5. When used, it does not produce harmful gases, does not stick to slag, and has a long service life.

Ladle castable product usage: Ladle castables are mainly used in the steelmaking industry for ladles, mixing furnaces, hot metal tanks, small ladles, tundish permanent linings, electric furnace tapping trough linings, etc. that are directly in contact with molten iron or molten steel.

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