Preparations Before Construction of Refractory Castables

2023-10-06 14:34:27

Refractory castables have strong fluidity and plasticity. It is one of the most widely produced and used amorphous refractory materials. Mainly used to build various heating furnace linings and other overall structures. Refractory castables have high room temperature strength and are used to make prefabricated components and install them on-site in rotary kilns. So what preparations should we make before construction?

1. Determine the shape and structure of the castable facility and clean it.

2. Process channel settings.

3. Construction machinery, vibration tools, etc. must be in good condition and have complete parts.

4. Anchor type, proportion, location, and cold welding quality. Metal anchors must be expansion compensated.

5. Preventive measures should be taken to prevent dehydration (glue) of castables in the surrounding refractory brick insulation layer.

6. The packaging and delivery date of the castable, and conduct a pre-test to check whether it is invalid.

7. The quality of construction water must reach drinking water quality.

8. Implementation of construction technical inspection.

9. Pouring procedure.

Through the above inspection, to facilitate our subsequent construction, if any parts are unqualified, they will be replaced in time to avoid problems during the construction process.

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