Precautions for Construction of Light Acid-resistant Castable

2023-06-28 10:03:49

Lightweight acid-resistant castables are made of a water glass as a binder, acidic or semi-acidic refractory materials as aggregates and powders, and a small amount of coagulant. It has good physical and chemical properties and has a small volume density. , Add water to solidify quickly, and use high temperature, compressive strength increases with the increase of temperature and acidity, small thermal conductivity, small linear expansion coefficient, and so on.

Lightweight heat-insulating and acid-resistant castable have good workability, convenient construction, and a moderate initial setting, and final setting time, the strength continues to increase after high-temperature baking, and it is impermeable and acid-resistant. Lightweight heat-insulating and acid-resistant castable have good physical and chemical properties, so it is widely used, mainly used as anti-corrosion flue and chimney lining, acid storage tank, pickling tank lining, nitric acid concentration tower lining, acid recovery Furnace lining and other container linings corroded by acidic high-temperature gas, etc.

Precautions for construction of light acid-resistant castable

1. Lightweight heat-insulating and acid-resistant castables cannot be used in a short period of time and in a working environment with large temperature differences.

2. The construction environment of lightweight heat-insulating and acid-resistant castables needs to be kept dry, and its physical and chemical structure is not suitable for stabilization in humid places.

3. Lightweight, heat-insulating, and acid-resistant castables cannot be constructed at high temperatures.

When we choose lightweight heat-insulating and acid-resistant castables, we must choose according to the environment, temperature, furnace type, and product performance, so as to avoid problems during use. How to choose must confirm the working conditions and environment with the manufacturer Finally, let the manufacturer give you a suitable product.

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