What Physical Indicators Need to be Checked When Purchasing Heat Storage Balls?

2023-06-01 10:32:08

4 physical indicators need to be tested when heat storage balls:

1. Refractoriness: refractoriness is the performance of resisting melting at high temperatures. The refractoriness mainly depends on the chemical composition of the heat storage ball and the fusible impurities in the material. Such as (FeO, NaO, etc.) content.

2. High-temperature structural strength (load softening temperature): high-temperature structural strength refers to the resistance of heat storage balls to withstand pressure at high temperatures without deformation. It is often evaluated by weight-softening temperature.

3. Thermal stability: Thermal stability refers to the ability to resist sudden changes in temperature without cracking or peeling off. Sometimes it is also called resistance to rapid cooling and rapid heating.

4. Volume stability: volume stability refers to the volume change percentage of the heat storage ball repeatedly heated and cooled at a certain temperature. Generally, under the action of multiple high temperatures, recrystallization and further sintering will occur in the composition, and residual expansion or contraction will occur.

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