Introduction to Special-shaped Refractory Bricks

2023-09-14 16:42:26

Special-shaped refractory bricks are a common shaped refractory product. Compared with standard refractory bricks, they are refractory bricks with unconventional shapes. Special-shaped refractory bricks of various shapes and materials can be produced according to user needs. Today, the editor of Xinhongji Refractory will explain the special-shaped refractory bricks from several aspects: let you understand the standard-shaped refractory bricks and the special-shaped refractory bricks.

1. Special-shaped brick material

The materials of special-shaped refractory bricks can be customized according to user needs, such as clay special-shaped bricks, high-aluminum special-shaped bricks, aluminum-carbon special-shaped bricks, magnesia-carbon special-shaped bricks, corundum special-shaped bricks, etc. The specific material still depends on in terms of user needs.

According to the refractory material standards, for high-quality, high-aluminum special-shaped refractory bricks, the ratio of their overall dimensions (the ratio of the minimum size to the maximum size) is within the range of 1:5; and they have no more than 2 concave corners (including High-alumina refractory bricks with arcuate concave corners included), or with an acute angle of 75°, or with no more than 4 grooves.

2. Special-shaped brick shape

Special-shaped bricks are refractory bricks with complex shapes. It is also a general term for refractory bricks of various shapes. Therefore, there are many shapes of special-shaped bricks, such as knife-shaped bricks, ax bricks, burner bricks, grid bricks, fan-shaped bricks, wind guide wall bricks, etc. Wait, there are also some unnamed special-shaped bricks.

The models of knife-shaped bricks are T-38 and T-39, commonly known as large knife-edge bricks and small knife-edge bricks. Their sizes are: 230×114×65/55mm; 230×114×65/45mm.

3. Special-shaped brick production

When customers purchase special-shaped bricks, they first need to provide the refractory brick manufacturer with drawings of the special-shaped bricks communicate whether special-shaped bricks can be made to meet the customer’s needs, determine the dimensions of the special-shaped bricks, and then select the material of the special-shaped bricks and the location of the kiln used. and other information.

4. Function of special-shaped bricks

By designing special-shaped bricks, the integrity of the lining body can be better achieved, bringing more convenience to construction.

The above is a brief introduction to special-shaped refractory bricks. Generally, special-shaped refractory bricks are customized according to the specific needs of thermal equipment. Customers are generally required to provide drawings, technical parameters, usage requirements, and other information about special-shaped refractory bricks so that the refractory brick manufacturer can provide you with processes and produce special-shaped refractory bricks that meet your needs.

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