How to Use Castables

2023-09-04 15:26:58

Castables are divided into two types. One is a material used in ordinary building materials to fill gaps and cavities in concrete structures. The other is refractory castables, which are mainly used for the construction of high-temperature kilns. A refractory material with a refractory index, the difference between the two is relatively large. Generally, the refractory properties of castables used in our ordinary construction sites are much lower than those used in high-temperature kilns.

Castables are also called amorphous materials. They are generally fluid. Ordinary castables are mainly composed of cement, sand, stones, and other additives, while refractory castables are mainly composed of refractory aggregates, powders, and binders. of the mixture. Ordinary castables can only be used for building exterior walls of houses, so no special treatment is required, while refractory castables need to be formed by mixing different proportions of refractory materials. Because they contain refractory materials, their fire resistance is higher. Compared with ordinary castables, the refractory temperature of refractory castables can usually reach about 1700°C, and direct contact with flames is often required during the application process.

The use of refractory castables and ordinary castables is not much different. They both need to add water or other liquids, stir and mix, and then use pouring and vibration methods for construction. Therefore, the use is relatively simple, except for the use of refractory castables. The proportion must be controlled during the process. After the proportion is good, do not add other things arbitrarily. After the refractory castable is cast and formed, it needs to be preheated and cured. Therefore, compared with ordinary castables, the construction of refractory castables is more complicated. It’s a bit more complicated.

The above is the introduction and use of castables. When purchasing, we must recognize our user environment. Whether it is ordinary castables or refractory castables, the correct selection and use of castables can improve the performance of concrete structures and high-temperature kilns. Strength and durability ensure the quality and safety of the project. After pouring, it is necessary to follow the correct process for pouring and curing to maintain the performance and functionality of the castables.

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