Kiln Insulation and Energy Saving, How To Choose Insulation Bricks?

2024-01-12 17:28:56

Choosing appropriate insulation bricks is an important step to improve the insulation effect of the kiln and achieve energy savings. Here are some suggestions:

Thermal conductivity: The lower the thermal conductivity of the insulation bricks, the better the insulation performance. Therefore, materials with lower thermal conductivity should be selected. Common insulation brick materials include expanded vermiculite, expanded perlite, aluminum silicate fiberboard, etc.

Density: The density of insulation bricks is also an important consideration. Typically, the lower the density, the lighter the brick and the better its insulation properties. However, it should be noted that too low density may lead to a decrease in strength, and a balance needs to be struck between thermal insulation performance and mechanical strength.

High-Temperature Resistance: High temperatures are often reached inside the kiln, so it is important to choose insulation materials that can withstand high temperatures. Materials such as aluminum silicate fiberboard and expanded vermiculite perform well at high temperatures.

How To Choose Insulation Bricks

Corrosion resistance: If there are corrosive gases or liquids such as acid and alkali in the kiln, choose insulation materials with good corrosion resistance to extend the service life of the insulation bricks.

Size and shape: Insulation bricks should be sized and shaped to accommodate the kiln design requirements, ensuring tight installation and reducing the formation of thermal bridges.

Environmental protection: In today’s society, attention to environmental protection is becoming more and more important. Choosing renewable or recycled materials, as well as insulation bricks that meet environmental standards, can help reduce environmental impact.

Based on the above, the selection of insulation bricks should be based on the specific kiln design and operating conditions. It is recommended to consult an insulation material supplier or engineer for more accurate advice.

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