How to Check The Quality of High Alumina Bricks And Clay Bricks

2023-08-03 14:58:24

High alumina bricks and clay bricks are common refractory materials, and their quality can be judged from the following aspects.

Clay bricks and high-alumina bricks have different aluminum content, and the color is different. The clay is red, the aluminum content is high, yellow, and the higher the aluminum, the whiter.

1. Appearance quality: Appearance quality is one of the important criteria for judging the quality of bricks.
Generally speaking, the appearance of high alumina bricks is relatively flat and smooth, without obvious damage and cracks, and the color is uniform. The appearance of clay bricks may have some irregular surfaces, and the color will be slightly different, but there should not be too many defects such as damage and cracks.

2. Dimensional accuracy: Dimensional accuracy is another important indicator for judging the quality of bricks.
High alumina bricks generally have high dimensional accuracy, and the differences in parallelism and verticality between bricks are small. Clay bricks may have some deviations in dimensional accuracy, which need to be screened or classified according to standards.

3. Sound detection: Gently tap the bricks with your hands to judge whether the sound is crisp or not.
This is another way to judge the quality of a brick. If the sound of the brick is clear and loud, it means that the quality of the brick is better; if the sound is low and dull, it may indicate that there are some defects inside the brick.

4. Pressure strength: The pressure strength of high alumina bricks and clay bricks is also an important criterion for judging the quality.
Generally speaking, high alumina bricks have higher pressure strength than clay bricks and can withstand greater pressure.

Through the comparison of appearance quality, dimensional accuracy, sound detection, and pressure strength, the quality of high alumina bricks and clay bricks can be preliminarily judged. At the same time, when choosing building materials, the specific use environment and requirements should also be considered.

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