How Refractory Enterprises Seek Development in the Coexistence of Difficulties and Opportunities

2023-05-23 11:10:25

At present, the problem of “small, large and scattered” refractory enterprises in Henan Province still exists, lack of professional cooperation and division of labor, some enterprises’ technological innovation capabilities are not strong enough, equipment research and development level are not high enough, and key common technologies are still missing; innovation and development have not formed The overall collaborative platform does not yet have centralized and efficient R&D comprehensive capabilities and strong strength, and there are still outstanding common problems.

With the policy support is given by governments at all levels to vigorously develop the refractory industry, relevant departments have removed the refractory industry from the “two high” project management catalog of Henan Province since 2023 after in-depth research and analysis. In this context, refractory companies in Henan Province still need to think rationally, conduct in-depth research on the issue of differentiated development of industries and products, never blindly expand the production capacity of the refractory industry, and strictly prevent the development of disorderly expansion and vicious competition. The suggestions are as follows:

First, under the guidance of government departments at all levels, joint industry associations and other organizations should vigorously publicize and guide refractory enterprises in the province to conduct comprehensive and long-term planning considerations based on their own process characteristics and continue to improve the level of equipment intelligence.

The second is to actively cultivate application-oriented talents, especially to vigorously cultivate mature talents specialized in intelligent production, as well as professional talents in related design, production, and manufacturing.

The third is to continuously increase the intensity of product research and development, and actively participate in and condense the common key technology projects of the industry.

The fourth is to vigorously guide enterprises to continuously benchmark and develop “new coordinates”, further accelerate the iterative upgrading of process equipment, efficiently use relevant resources, actively support the formulation of a green production standard system involving high-temperature materials, and deeply explore the reduction of energy consumption in the entire production process, to minimize carbon emission intensity, and effectively promote the sustainable and healthy development of green production.

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