How Mechanical Grate Incinerators Work

2023-07-27 15:46:55

Mechanical grate incinerator is a common solid waste treatment equipment, which achieves purification and environmental protection by burning waste and treating flue gas.

The working principle of a mechanical grate incinerator can be summarized as the following steps:

Waste feed: Waste is fed into the incinerator through the feed port.

Mechanical grate: A mechanical grate is installed in the incinerator, and the waste is pushed into the furnace by a mechanical device.

Ignition: The igniter ignites the waste in the furnace and the pilot fuel begins to burn.

Air duct introduction: the heat generated by the combustion in the furnace is introduced into fresh air through the air duct in the furnace to enhance the combustion effect.

Fly ash separation: After the waste is burned, a large amount of ash will be produced, and the fly ash will be separated by the fly ash separation device in the equipment.

Flue gas purification: The flue gas contains a large number of harmful gases and particles, which need to be treated by the purification device in the equipment to reduce environmental pollution.

Emission: The purified flue gas is discharged into the atmosphere to complete the waste treatment process.

In general, the working principle of the mechanical grate incinerator is to push the waste into the furnace for combustion treatment through the mechanical grate, then process the flue gas through the purification device, and then discharge the purified flue gas into the atmosphere.

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