Honeycomb Ceramic Regenerator Introduction

2023-06-12 11:57:37

Honeycomb ceramic regenerators are widely used in energy-saving technology of industrial thermal equipment, which can improve the efficiency of industrial thermal equipment, reduce energy consumption, increase productivity, and improve quality. It is an important and effective means to solve energy and environmental problems. The cross-sectional pores of the honeycomb ceramic regenerator mainly have two pore structures of a square and regular hexagon, and the channels are straight channel structures parallel to each other. This structure significantly reduces the resistance of the pores to flow through and greatly improves the heat storage body’s single-pore volume heat transfer efficiency.

Product features of honeycomb ceramic regenerator

The refractory honeycomb ceramic regenerator has the characteristics of low thermal expansion, large specific heat capacity, large specific surface area, small pressure drop, small thermal resistance, good thermal conductivity, and good thermal shock resistance; it is widely used in regenerative high-temperature combustion technology (HTAC) in the metallurgical machinery industry ), which organically combines the recovery of flue gas waste heat with high-efficiency combustion and reduction of NOX emissions, so as to achieve the goal of extreme energy saving and reduction of NOX emissions.

Honeycomb Ceramic Regenerator Introduction

Product function of honeycomb ceramic regenerator

1. There are various materials, and products of different materials and specifications can be selected according to different customers and use environments.

2. The hole wall is thin, the capacity is large, the heat storage is large, and the space occupied is small.

3. The hole wall is smooth and the back pressure is small.

4. Long service life, not easy to slag corrosion, sticking corrosion, and high-temperature deformation.

5. The product quality specification is high. When installing, the heat storage bodies are arranged neatly and the misalignment is small.

6. Good thermal shock resistance, good thermal conductivity, and high mechanical strength.

Product size of honeycomb ceramic regenerator

1. Size: 100x100x100, 100x150x150, 150x150x150, 150x150x300 (mm), etc., can be produced according to customer requirements.

2. Number of holes: 25×25, 40×40, 43×43, 50×50, 60×60, etc.

3. Hole type: square, rectangle, regular hexagon, circle, triangle, etc.

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