High-temperature Refractory Clay Price

2023-12-04 16:35:51

High-temperature refractory mortar is an indispensable adhesive in the construction of refractory bricks. It is also called a high-temperature binder. It can bond and build refractory bricks with each other and maintain good stability in high-temperature environments. Because of its properties, it is widely used in industrial kilns, thermal power plants, petrochemical enterprises, and other fields. Today, the editor will take you to know the price of high-temperature refractory clay to help you when purchasing high-temperature refractory clay.

High-temperature refractory clay is currently mainly divided into aluminum silicate refractory clay, high-alumina refractory clay, and carbon refractory clay according to raw materials. Among them, aluminum silicate refractory clay occupies a place in the market with its lower price and good fire-resistant performance; High-aluminum refractory cement is favored because of its excellent high temperature resistance and wear resistance, although the price is relatively high; carbon refractory cement is used in some special occasions because of its superior thermal shock resistance. Today, the editor mainly talks about the price of high-aluminum refractory clay that is used more frequently.

High Temperature Refractory Clay Price

At present, the price of high-aluminum refractory clay is generally 2600-2800 yuan/ton. Its price will also be affected by many factors, including raw material costs, production processes, transportation costs, and other factors, so the price will fluctuate. We are choosing When purchasing refractory clay, you must confirm it clearly with the manufacturer. In addition, the price of high-temperature refractory clay is also affected by the brand and quality grade. There are also big differences in price between different brands and quality grades. When we purchase these factors should be considered comprehensively so that we can buy high-quality and low-priced products.

The amount of high-temperature refractory clay is also very large during the construction process. As long as there are refractory bricks for masonry, high-temperature refractory clay will be used, so its price also affects the construction cost. Therefore, when purchasing high-temperature refractory clay, we must be based on Actual usage requirements and budget conditions that are comprehensively considered, to ensure construction quality and save construction costs.

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