High-Temperature Refractory Bricks for Foundries

2023-08-05 17:47:46

The foundry is a production plant used for forging various metals, and the metal forming process in the forging process is inseparable from high-quality refractory materials. Among them, the use of refractory bricks is very important. It is the construction of the casting furnace refractory layer A very important refractory material.

High-temperature refractory bricks commonly used in foundry furnaces include silica bricks, high-alumina bricks, corundum bricks, magnesia bricks, magnesia-alumina bricks, etc. High-temperature refractory bricks have excellent high-temperature refractoriness and can withstand the impact of flames and molten metals in high-temperature environments. It can make the forging process more stable and reliable.

High-Temperature Refractory Bricks for Foundries

High-temperature refractory bricks also have good thermal shock resistance. During the casting process, it is often necessary to perform frequent heating and cooling operations on the furnace. The temperature difference between the inside and outside of the furnace is huge. Due to the poor thermal conductivity of ordinary masonry, it is easy to crack due to thermal stress caused by temperature changes. The unique material composition and structural design have excellent thermal shock resistance and can remain intact in environments with rapid temperature changes, thus ensuring the smooth progress of the casting process.

High-temperature refractory bricks also have low thermal conductivity. During the casting process, it is necessary to ensure that the metal material inside the furnace can maintain a certain temperature to ensure the quality of the casting. If the thermal conductivity is too high, the heat will be lost quickly, resulting in a decrease in temperature, and high-temperature refractory bricks due to their low thermal conductivity, can effectively prevent the loss of heat, so that the temperature in the furnace can be well controlled, thereby improving the quality of castings.

High-temperature refractory bricks have excellent refractory properties, excellent thermal shock resistance, and low thermal conductivity, and can maintain long-term stability in high-temperature environments, effectively improving the quality and output of castings. With the continuous development and innovation of science and technology, the performance of high-temperature refractory bricks will be continuously improved and enhanced, contributing more to the development of the foundry industry.

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