The Difference Between Steel Fiber Castable and Steel Fiber Wear-resistant Castable

2023-09-20 17:43:05

There are certain differences between steel fiber castables and steel fiber wear-resistant castables, because adding a certain proportion of silicon carbide to the wear-resistant castables enhances the strength and wear resistance of the castable materials, and greatly improves the heat resistance of the castable materials. vibration stability. Steel fiber castables add a certain proportion of steel fibers to low-cement refractory castable materials, so there are certain differences between these castables.

1. The similarities between steel fiber castable and steel fiber wear-resistant castable

The two casting materials are similar in that they both have added steel fibers, which provide good toughness and tensile resistance. However, the increase in wear resistance and corrosion resistance of silicon carbide added to wear-resistant materials is different from that of ordinary steel fiber materials, which also need to be used in special parts of the kiln lining to a certain extent.

Both castables are constructed by adding a reasonable proportion of water during the construction process. By pouring the mold into the construction site, using a vibrator for reasonable vibration, slurry discharging, compaction, and demoulding, it is put into use after maintenance and baking.

2. The difference between steel fiber castable and steel fiber wear-resistant castable

Steel fiber castable is a castable widely used in refractory castable materials and is also a common castable. Steel fiber wear-resistant castable is a castable with composite properties, used for special parts or special linings. Due to its good wear resistance, it is generally used in boiler linings to meet the needs of a special lining atmosphere for boiler linings. And the effect of use is obvious.

Steel fiber wear-resistant castables are also used in rotary kiln mouths, metallurgy, ceramic industries, sintering machines, and the inner walls of casting furnaces. However, the wear-resistant material after adding silicon carbide should prevent oxidation. Adding a certain proportion of metallic silicon powder can eliminate oxidation and improve the use effect.

There are many kinds of quality steel fiber castables. Different aluminum contents, different densities, and different thermal shock usage conditions, different wear resistance coefficients are the biggest differences with steel fiber wear-resistant castables.

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