Where Is Corundum Castable Used?

2024-03-27 17:29:03

Corundum castable is a high-performance refractory castable composed of alumina and silicon oxide, with excellent refractory and corrosion resistance. Due to the characteristics of corundum, it is widely used in key parts of high-temperature kilns such as glass kilns and high-temperature reactors, providing reliable protection and support for the production process of kilns.

Corundum castable plays an important role in the metallurgical industry. In the process of metal smelting such as steelmaking, ironmaking, and copper smelting, traditional refractory bricks are easily damaged due to high temperatures and strong acid and alkali corrosive environments, while corundum castable can effectively extend the service life of furnaces and melting furnaces and improve production efficiency due to its high hardness and corrosion resistance.

Corundum castable is also widely used in the glass manufacturing industry. Inside the glass kiln, it is often faced with a high temperature and high pressure environment. At the same time, the glass solution usually has corrosive properties, and traditional refractory castables are difficult to meet the requirements. Corundum castable has excellent refractory properties and thermal shock stability, can effectively resist high-temperature corrosion, protect the internal structure of the glass kiln, and ensure the normal progress of glass production.

Corundum castables are also widely used in high-temperature equipment and furnaces in the fields of petrochemicals, electric power, etc. In the petrochemical industry, various high-temperature reactors, heating furnaces, and other equipment require refractory materials to withstand high-temperature corrosion. Corundum castables have excellent acid and alkali corrosion resistance and can operate stably for a long time. In the power industry, boilers, chimneys, and other equipment in thermal power plants also require refractory materials to resist high-temperature corrosion. The high-temperature stability and heat resistance of corundum castables can ensure the safe operation of equipment for a long time.

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