How to Correctly Lay Refractory Bricks in Rotary Kiln?

2023-10-31 14:13:49

In a rotary kiln, ring masonry or staggered masonry can be used. Did you know? Of course, if you understand this method, you will know that the method we have used for a long time is the ring masonry method. If we use this method to make masonry, we will tell you about concrete masonry using this method.

The construction of rotary kiln refractory bricks is divided into three points: 1. Arch method, 2. Support method, 3. Pasting method.

1. Arch method: The characteristic of the arch frame method is that the brick-laying machine can be used to lay bricks at one time without rotating the kiln body. When using the arch method to lay bricks, attention should be paid to: the arch frame is installed firmly, all parts are tightly connected, the operating function is good, the pushing device is flexible, the bracket is easy to move, the pneumatic or hydraulic system is sensitive, the pipeline is smooth and free of blockage, the arch frame moves smoothly and accurately, and strict compliance Baseline construction.

2. Support method: The characteristics of the support method are the top support method is generally used for bricklaying in small and medium-sized rotary kilns below 4m in my country. In the masonry construction of medium-sized rotary kilns, two supports are required, which is called the cross-support method, while in small rotary kilns, only one support is required. The precautions for the one-way supporting masonry method are the same as those for the cross-supporting method. Special attention should be paid to: grasp the rotation angle of each kiln, and do not rotate the kiln too far.

3. Pasting method: The characteristics of the pasting method are a few domestic kilns have also tried this method. The practice has proved that this method can be carried out reliably only when the kiln body is neat and clean and the appearance quality of the refractory bricks is stable. Things to pay attention to when laying refractory bricks by the pasting method: To meet the requirements of no dust, no rust, and no unevenness on the surface of the cylinder, the outer dimensions should be qualified, and the adhesive should meet the expiration date and unqualified curing time. It is strictly prohibited to impact or vibrate the bonded bricks.

The above is a little knowledge on how to correctly lay refractory bricks on the rotary kiln. I hope it helps you.

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