Comparison of Durability between High Alumina Bricks and Magnesia Bricks

2024-01-23 17:29:27

High alumina bricks and magnesia bricks have different advantages in different application environments and conditions, so which one is more durable depends on the specific usage.

High alumina brick
Good fire resistance: High alumina bricks are usually made of high-purity aluminum oxide have good fire resistance and can resist high temperature and chemical attack.
Widely used in high-temperature environments: High-alumina bricks are widely used in high-temperature industrial fields such as metallurgy, glass, cement, etc. because they can withstand relatively high temperatures.
High wear resistance: High alumina bricks usually have a certain resistance to some mechanical wear.

Comparison of Durability between High Alumina Bricks and Magnesia Bricks

Magnesia brick
High refractory resistance: Compared with high alumina bricks, magnesia bricks have higher refractory resistance.
Good alkali resistance: Magnesia bricks have good resistance to alkaline environments, so they are often used in alkaline industries such as glass kilns.
Good thermal conductivity: Magnesia bricks have good thermal conductivity, so they also have advantages in some specific applications (such as certain steel smelting furnaces).

Therefore, which brick is more durable depends on the specific industrial process and environmental conditions. High alumina bricks generally perform better in high temperatures and acidic environments, while magnesia bricks may be more suitable in alkaline environments and some special conditions. When choosing which brick to use, factors such as the material’s physical properties, chemical properties, operating temperature, and required durability properties need to be considered.

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