Comparison between Aluminum Chromium Zirconium Bricks and Chromium Zirconium Bricks

2024-01-27 17:28:53

Aluminum chromium zirconium bricks and chromium zirconium bricks are refractory materials used in high-temperature kilns, especially glass ones. They are mainly used in kiln linings, furnace walls, and other parts and need good high-temperature, corrosion, and thermal shock resistance. Here are some characteristics of both materials:

Aluminum Chromium Zirconium Brick
1. Containing high aluminum, chromium, and zirconium elements, it has high corrosion resistance and thermal shock resistance.
2. It has good high-temperature resistance and is suitable for high-temperature processes such as glass kilns.
3. Usually has good thermal conductivity and mechanical strength.

Chrome Zirconium Brick
1. Containing chromium and zirconium elements, it also has certain high-temperature resistance and corrosion resistance.
2. It can be used in some high-temperature processes, but compared to aluminum-chromium-zirconium bricks, its performance may be slightly inferior under some specific conditions.
3. The choice of aluminum-chromium-zirconium bricks or chromium-zirconium bricks should be considered based on the specific process conditions and use environment.

Generally speaking, if the process temperature is higher, a strong corrosive atmosphere exists, and better thermal shock resistance is required, aluminum chromium zirconium bricks may be a better choice. If used in a relatively low-temperature range, or if the requirements for corrosion resistance are more general, chromium zirconium bricks may also be an economical and practical choice.

Which one is better to choose? Recommendations are provided on a case-by-case basis by your engineer or refractory supplier. At the same time, ensure compliance with relevant and environmental standards and follow correct installation and maintenance procedures during use.

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