Chimney Refractory Bricks: Building Safe and Efficient Industrial Chimneys

2023-11-24 15:07:48

The chimney is an indispensable facility in industrial production. It undertakes the important task of discharging waste gas. It not only ensures the normal operation of the industry but also affects the safety of production operations. Therefore, the construction of the chimney is very important. In addition to being able can withstand high temperatures and resist flue gas erosion in harsh working environments. To meet such a working environment, it is very important to build chimney refractory bricks for chimneys.

Chimney refractory brick is a brick that can withstand high temperatures. It not only needs to resist the high temperature of flue gas, but also needs to maintain stable physical and chemical properties at extremely high temperatures, and is not easy to be burned, corroded, or cracked. These advantages all make it outstanding in chimney construction, while ordinary bricks are difficult to meet such working conditions. Such high temperatures cannot be tolerated by traditional bricks. Thermal expansion and contraction will cause the bricks to crack and even cause the chimney to collapse.

Chimney Refractory Bricks: Building Safe and Efficient Industrial Chimneys

The composition of chimney refractory bricks is mainly made of alumina, silica, and other materials with high melting points. These materials are combined with binders, die-cast with high-pressure machinery, and finally fired in a high-temperature environment. It can make the chimney have high fire resistance. At the same time, the chimney refractory bricks will be calcined at high temperatures during the production process to make them denser and have a good thermal insulation effect, thereby protecting the internal structure of the chimney from high temperatures. Heat damage.

Since chimney refractory bricks are very important for the construction of chimneys, we should pay attention to some things when purchasing. First of all, when purchasing, we must choose according to the environment of use. We must look at the physical and chemical indicators of chimney refractory bricks, acid resistance, alkali resistance refractory temperature, and a series of physical and chemical indicators. When purchasing, we must examine the manufacturer’s scale and production technology, product standards, after-sales service, and other factors, so that we can purchase good quality chimney refractory bricks.

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