Characteristics and Production Methods of Refractory Castable Prefabricated Parts

2023-12-30 15:41:44

Refractory castable prefabricated parts are custom-shaped refractory products. Its shape is generally made in a separate mold according to the actual needs of the customer. Its shape and size are different, and its quality and volume are higher than those of ordinary refractory products. The material is larger in volume and more complex at the same time. Generally, refractory castable prefabricated parts are mainly used in some difficult-to-construct parts of high-temperature kilns. Moreover, after selecting refractory castable prefabricated parts, there is no need to perform baking operations, and can be directly used. So what are the characteristics of refractory castable prefabricated parts and how are they made?

Characteristics and Production Methods of Refractory Castable Prefabricated Parts

Characteristics of refractory castable prefabricated parts

1. The external dimensions are generally customized according to the conditions of the kiln itself, and the external dimensions are accurate.

2. No need to bake, can be put into use directly. The refractory castable prefabricated parts will be baked, cured, and other operations after molding, so we do not need to bake them on site and can be put into use directly, which can shorten the construction cycle and speed up equipment utilization;

3. Prefabricated parts of various complex shapes can be customized. Refractory castable prefabricated parts are generally molded first. Generally, molds can be customized into complex shapes, and some complex shapes can be customized according to actual needs;

4. Not restricted by environmental conditions. Construction can be carried out regardless of environmental conditions or seasonal restrictions.

How to make refractory castable prefabricated parts

The selection of raw materials for refractory castable prefabricated parts is generally based on the use requirements. Generally, they are high-aluminum, clay, corundum, silicon carbide, etc. In production, we first need to open a mold for a special shape and determine the mold. After placing, we start to proportion the raw materials. After the proportioning, add water and stir thoroughly to form a slurry. Pour the slurry into the mold and use a vibrating tool to vibrate continuously to expel the internal air bubbles and make the slurry fit the mold better. After drying and shaping, it is finally baked.

The above are the characteristics and production methods of refractory castable prefabricated parts. Refractory castable prefabricated parts have the characteristics of a short construction period and low production cost, which can speed up the utilization of equipment. At the same time, it can be made into various special shapes, so it is widely used.

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