Characteristics and Applications of Steel Fiber Refractory Castables

2024-01-04 17:27:06

Steel fiber refractory castable is a material that adds heat-resistant steel fibers to the refractory castable. It has the following features and applications:


1. High strength: Heat-resistant steel fibers can increase the tensile strength and impact toughness of refractory castables.

2. Heat resistance: Heat-resistant steel fiber can maintain good strength and stability at high temperatures.

3. Crack resistance: Heat-resistant steel fibers can effectively reduce the cracking and shedding of refractory castables.

4. Durability: Heat-resistant steel fibers have good resistance to chemical attack and abrasion.

Characteristics and Applications of Steel Fiber Refractory Castables


1. Steel industry: used for refractory linings of high-temperature equipment such as refractory furnaces, converters, and electric furnaces.

2. Petrochemical industry: used as a refractory layer in high-temperature chemical equipment such as oil refining units and catalyst regenerators.

3. Electric power industry: used in fire-resistant structures such as boilers, flue systems, and dust collectors in coal-fired power plants.

4. Metallurgical industry: used in high-temperature metallurgical equipment such as hot metal tanks, casting equipment, and continuous casting machines.

The specific formula and dosage of steel fiber refractory castables will be adjusted according to actual needs and engineering requirements to achieve the required performance and durability.

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